Two Next is a multifaceted organization focused on creating innovative technological solutions to solve social problems.
Who we are

Based on our long-term experience in working with the non-profit sector, we aim to accompany non-profit organisations in developing innovative and user-centred digital solutions for pressing social topics of our times. By doing this, we support them in building skills and competences in innovation and digitalization, as well as fostering new collaboration models and networks across sectors.

What we do

Product Development

Driven by user-centricity, we develop a strong ownership for solutions closest to our hearts and enter adaptive forms of collaborations for their development and implementation.

Inclusion Lab

Following our well-established processes, we team up with civil society actors and guide them in creating innovative digital prototypes as solution concepts addressing relevant problems of their vulnerable beneficiaries.

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We are a team of highly motivated and hands-on innovation and digitalisation enthusiasts who are united by something far greater than our knowledge and skills – our passion for creating social impact.

We are accompanied by a strong network supporting social innovation.

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