matches volunteers to help out and fix things in vulnerable households

„Josefbus“ is a volunteering project run by Caritas in the archdiocese Vienna. A team of volunteers supports clients by making small repairs and other manual work at their home. The proper matching between competences of a team and the needs of a household can be done manually at small scale but not at large scale. The MVP Josefbus app is based on user needs of efficient fulfillment of tasks and small losses by ambiguities, as well as user needs of self empowerment and simple task handling for clients. Clients can add necessary repairs to the system themselves or together with their nursing staff and enrich them with photos. After approval by Caritas Vienna voluntary workers are informed of the task and can accept it. They are matched with a second volunteer. An overview with necessary information is displayed in the app, also including tools required for the repair as well as length of the task making the task executing fast and efficient.


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