enables caregivers, household assistants or family members to pay digitally on behalf of the person they care for and document expenses.

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The majority of people in need of care also need support in dealing with their financial matters. This can include topics like budgeting, financial planning or dealing with changes in regular costs (e.g. electricity bills).  Oftentimes caregivers also pay on behalf of the persons they care for when they buy groceries or pick up medication from the pharmacy.

Our prototype “Lou” should enable caregivers or family members to pay for these purchases digitally via virtual cards on their smartphone. For increased transparency on spending and a more efficient way of documenting expenses, the prototype also accounts for a digital documentation feature including an easy way to upload invoices. 


The idea for this prototype is based on the findings from a research project funded by FFG – The Austrian Research Promotion Agency. Together with Austrian care organizations, legal guardians and experts from the financial sector we created the first prototype.

Currently, we are testing Lou internally for proof of concept before starting a pilot project in 2023. You are interested to learn more? 


Contact us: hello@two-next.com

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This project was funded by FFG – The Austrian Research Promotion Agency.