Inclusion Lab

Leveraging the power of technology to create social change!

Following our well-established processes, we team up with civil society actors and guide them in creating innovative digital prototypes as solution concepts.


The Inclusion Lab is a structured innovation programme running over a period of six months.


It is designed for civil society actors to address some of the most pressing social challenges the participants’ beneficiaries are facing.

How does it work?

Exploration Phase

You uncover the core needs of your beneficiaries by running user- and need-centred research processes and digging deep into the roots of the social problem.


Let your imagination run wild and co-create powerful product ideas that solve the roots of your beneficiaries’ problem.

Digital Development

You bring the most promising solution to life by driving its development to a first digital prototype and its implemention plan.

Key facts

A structured innovation program of six months


Remote workshop settings on a monthly basis, peer-to-peer exchange and learning with international NGOs, individual coaching on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

Working language: English


90% of your program costs are covered by ERSTE Foundation, which results in a program fee of EUR 8,500, with possible subsidy opportunities. More information in the FAQ below.

Key milestones

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Digital Development Phase



Digital solution

Create a digital solution to social problems your organization is focused on by developing a first digital prototype

New skills

Improve your skills in agile project management, innovation processes, creative idea generation, software development, business modelling, marketing, pitching & storytelling

Deep dive into the problem

Explore your social challenge in depth through various research methods

Access to networks

Get access to handpicked designers and developers and a network of experts.

Individual Coaching

Get customized support in regular team coaching and a guided software development process

Who can apply

You are a non-profit organisation or a collective of non-profit organisations collaborating in one use-case

You are located in one of the following countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia

Your beneficiaries are individuals belonging to marginalized or vulnerable communities

The social problem you wish to explore is interlinked with the focus topic of the Inclusion Lab

Terms of participation


Application for the Inclusion Lab is currently not opened. Meanwhile, if you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the program or get involved, let’s connect.

What others say

Your coaches and experts

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Nicole Traxler
Managing Director
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Andrea Zens
Innovation & Product Manager
Georg Frick
Georg Frick
Monika Hoffmann
Monika Hoffmann
Michael Jakl scaled
Michael Jakl
Semantic Labs
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Juan Guerra
Website Collaborators 3
Nadja Büttner; Innovation Facilitator & Educator
Julia Zadoorian Klammer
Julia Zadoorian-Klammer
George Labs
Website Collaborators 8
Stephan Jung
JIIC - Jung Investment & Innovation Consulting 
Peter Varga
Peter Varga
Jutta Grabenhofer
Website Collaborators 11
Michael Meyer
WU/ Stanford University


The overall cost of the programme is EUR 85,000
We can offer you a reduced participation fee of EUR 8,500 with the support of the ERSTE Foundation. There are funding and scholarship opportunities depending on the location of your organisation (CEE Scholarship or application for a grant from FFG “Impact Innovation” for NPOs from Austria > click here for more information)

In our application process, you can apply for our programme and a CEE Scholarship.

Your application and scholarship were approved?  Congratulations – you are a part of Inclusion Lab!
With the scholarship, your participation fee is reduced to EUR 0,- and your accommodation costs for workshops in persons are covered by the scholarship (your travel and staff costs are covered by yourself).

Your application was approved, but your scholarship was not: you can still join the Inclusion Lab; however, you have to cover all costs yourself.